Operates equipment commonly found in wastewater treatment facilities such as clarifiers, blowers, pumps, and disinfection equipment along with solids handling.
Collects samples following established procedures and performs routine laboratory analysis and process control tests on wastewater, sludge, and biosolids such as BOD, TSS, DO, PH and temperatures, microbiological examination, and identification—bacteria testing as required to monitor and maintain water quality standards.
Accurately observes, calculates, and interprets results of laboratory and process control tests and takes corrective action to ensure compliance with established water quality standards and NPDESS permits.
Accurately reads and records information from various gauges and meters associated with the treatment plant.
Performs general housekeeping duties and grounds maintenance.
Cleans tanks, aeration basins, and buildings.
Perform safety inspections of and operate equipment and machinery.
Report defects and irregularities to the supervisor.
Receive and respond to inquiries and complaints from customers and the general public regarding wastewater service.
Respond to emergency calls after regular working hours, on an as-needed basis, for both wastewater department and community-wide emergencies.
Work odd hours and on holidays as the job duties require.
Maintains effective working relationships with plant staff, outside vendors, regulatory agencies, other City departments, and the general public.
Maintain pumps, valves, and related equipment in wastewater pumping stations.
Trains and provides general direction as needed to less experienced treatment plant employees assisting with operation and maintenance work.
Carry and respond to after-hours emergency cell phones for a 7-day period on a rotating basis.


Problem Solving/Analysis.
Math Skills.
Communication Proficiency.
Mechanical skills.
Technical skills.
Customer/Client Focus.