Required Skills:
The Spreadsheet/Data Coordinator should have advanced Excel skills, strong attention to detail, troubleshooting ability, and some database knowledge.  

Project Expectations:
•    Maintain an overview and vision of the project
•    Efficiently migrate data from multiple spreadsheets with numerous fields into a single, consistent resource file.
•    Plan tasks, problem-solve, and estimate timelines for project completion
•    Conduct quality and accuracy checks
•    Work with staff to determine design, content, format, and testing of the master list
•    Guide and supervise a data entry clerk in transferring data with consistency in format and content from the source sheets to the master list
•    Report progress to client and track project with routine reports
•    Understand the capabilities of Excel spreadsheets and workbooks at an intermediate to advanced level.
•    Basic functions, such as copy/paste, find/replace, insert/delete, undo/redo, sort (with levels), consolidation and deletion of duplicate files, others.
•    Advanced functions such as calculations (sum, countif, others), macros, pivot table, etc.
•    Adding specific coding for individuals and organizations as defined for fields (i.e., ID#, Organization#, categories of characteristics, and others)

This project is estimated to take 2-3 months. Working 25-40 hours per week during the hours of 8 am- 5 pm, Monday-Friday.

Call 208-378-8700 to schedule an interview.