Job Description:  
•    Harvest Sampler
•    Harvest work
•    Sample collection

Position Responsibilities:
•    Collecting soil samples in the fields
•    Collecting data
•    Input Data into system
•    Data entry

Qualifications & Skills:
•    Must be 18 years or older
•    Must be able to lift 50lbs
•    Must be able to walk long distances
•    Must be able to work outdoors
•    NO experience needed
•    On the job training
•    Seasonal work
•    Must have driver’s license
•    Must have reliable transportation
•    Must be able to read and write in English

•    Day shift
•    Monday-Saturday
•    Seasonal Work
•    Location: Ontario OR
•    Pay: $14.78
•    Need to fill two positions

About the Company:
This company is looking for a reliable field samplers to work the harvest season collecting soil and data for future farming. This is a physical position if you feel you qualify, please give our office a call today (208)453-7900