Personnel Plus is looking for employees to Clean and prepare construction sites. Loading and unloading materials and equipment. Building and taking down scaffolding and temporary structures. Digging trenches, compacting earth and back filling holes.


  • Ability to lift at least 50 lbs repeatedly
  • Able to read a tape measure
  • Assist with pouring and leveling concrete
  • Groundwork such as prep and shoveling
  • Digging
  • Moving Panels
  • Setting up walls
  • Job site clean-up
  • Concrete form setters
  • Operators

Skilled Construction Laborers:

  • Building and mechanical knowledge
  • Drill and blast into earth and rock
  • Mix and pour concrete and asphalt
  • Leveling concrete
  • Strong reading and math skills
  • Erect concrete forms and scaffolding